About Us

TickZapper's Debbie
Bahamian Potcake-Turned-Princess … Debbie (aka Sister)


As a passionate mom of six canine kids, I am always searching for solutions to help make their lives happier and healthier.

Over the years, while searching for safe, healthy and effective solutions, I discovered that it was difficult to find what I needed to help my dogs. It was for this reason that WagAndBark® was founded in 2009 to provide humane-focused, solution-oriented products that would help me with my dogs, while also serving the needs of fellow pet parents.

Living in Texas, we see ticks in our yards, on our walks, even at the beach. Like many concerned pet lovers, I didn’t want to use chemicals on my dogs, which could hamper their health; so I needed a reliable, chemical-free, easy-to-use, tick removal method. I came across interesting products that promised to remove ticks. While the concepts were good, they were either difficult to use, unreliable, and/or ineffective. I felt compelled to help my dogs by developing a better, more reliable product.

WagAndBark® Enterprises LLC is pleased to introduce the patented TickZapper®, a revolutionary product unlike anything else on the market today. Easy to use, TickZapper® provides ‘No-Touch Tick Removal‘ by quickly stunning and removing ticks (and their mouthparts!) without chemicals, batteries, or human contact. Weighing in at one ounce, the reusable TickZapper® is easily carried in your pocket, purse or hiking bag. Veterinarian tested and approved. Made In America (manufactured, assembled and fulfilled in Houston, Texas).

TickZapper® is part of a larger commitment we are making to our customers –  to provide leading edge, high quality, ‘Made in America’ pet products that solve everyday challenges safely and compassionately while also providing unparalleled customer service to fellow pet parents. Our trademarked tagline says it all… Changing Lives…Four Paws at a Time!®

We appreciate your interest in WagAndBark®!

-Sheryl Davis Farnsworth, Founder & President
WagAndBark® Enterprises LLC