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TickZapper® provides ‘No-Touch Tick Removal’ that’s quick, easy, and pain-free for your pet! There’s no need for batteries as TickZapper®  is self-energizing, always ready, and reusable! And, there’s no need for chemicals, making it very safe for your pet. Only one ounce, so easy to carry!

TickZapper® ….

  • No Batteries, Self-Energizing…Always Ready!
  • No Chemicals!
  • Reusable!
  • Compact and Lightweight (1 oz.)!
  • Made In America!
  • Veterinarian Tested & Approved!
  • Made by Pet Parents for Pet Parents!

To use the TickZapper® simply press the lever and place over the tick to trap it. Release the lever, press the TickZapper® button twice to stun the tick, and twist clockwise to remove from your pet. Now, the tick is securely contained in the TickZapper® and can be saved for testing and analysis, disposed of, or relocated. It’s that easy!

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