WagAndBark® Enterprises, LLC, offers a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty, from date of purchase, for the TickZapper®. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the TickZapper® unit due to defects resulting directly from manufacturing fault. This guarantee is valid only if the following conditions are met: (1) approval authorization code has been requested by purchaser, in writing, and provided by WagAndBark® Enterprises, LLC, in writing; (2) original packaging and sales receipt is provided; (3) no attempt to repair the unit by purchaser has occurred; TickZapper® unit must be in tact when returned; (4) unit, original packaging, and receipt must be returned to the address provided by WagAndBark® Enterprises, LLC, at customer’s expense, with tracking information provided, in writing, to WagAndBark® Enterprises, LLC. Any issues resulting from misuse or abuse of product will not be covered buy this warranty. This guarantee cannot rise in legal action by any means.